just enough?

What you see before you is a nearly complete "Just Enough Ruffles" scarf. I needed some instant gratification knitting, and I wanted to do a project quickly for someone in particular for a special reason, but I'm keeping those details to myself until the scarf is done and in the hands of its intended recipient. In any case, the pattern calls for 400 yards of yarn. I'm using two skeins of Manos Silk Blend (sssssssoooooo luciousssss), which comes to 300 yards total, but I started anyway and hoped for the best. I have exactly two rows left to do: the last knit row, and the bind off, and that little ball of yarn is all I've got left. Will it be just enough, or will I run short? With 600 stitches per row (the scarf is worked longways, with the ruffle done last), I'm thinking it will be the latter. Last night I debated binding off one row early, but I feel compelled to do the pattern exactly as written, so this morning I dove in the stash and found a ball of yarn in nearly the same weight and color that will work in a pinch for the bind-off.

In other news, the detashing on craigslist is going well. It feels really good to downsize. I'll probably put up some more yarn for sale in the next few days.


88 keys said…
Hey, what kind of yarn are you thinking of selling? I'll check out your blog posts and see if anything looks interesting!

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