is it so wrong?

When it's chilly outside (barely 60 degrees) and the kids have been driving me bananas all day whining instead of napping and we're all bored but too tired to go anywhere, and then they both fall asleep at 3:30 (which will make bedtime hell), and I'm in the middle of a slow career crisis, is it so wrong to treat myself to a 4:00 beer, some uninterrupted NPR time, and work on this?

(Sassymetrical, coming right along)

Is it so wrong? I sure hope not, 'cause I'm gonna do it. This mama needs a little down time.


Steph said…
Yes, it is horribly, horribly wrong. Consider yourself most harshly judged.

I wish I could get my knitting mojo back. This heat has zapped it out of me.
Not a thing wrong with it at all!
Jessi said…
Not wrong. Not wrong at all.
Caffeine Girl said…
Bottoms up!

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