to stripe, or not to stripe?

Sassymetrical still needs a shawl pin, and that little purple cardi still needs buttons and a good blocking of the new collar, but I tell ya, the house has been in such an upheaval the last week or so, I haven't had the time or presence of mind for anything but the easiest knitting. Things like finding a shawl pin and blocking a collar require me to be organized, and organized I am NOT at the moment! See, we got new beds for everyone this week, including new a new mattress and box spring for us, and bunk beds for the kids. This required assembly and major re-shuffling of everything in the house, plus waiting for takers for the old beds and mattresses on craigslist and freecycle. We're still waiting for that bozo who found us on freecycle to pick up the old double mattress, but the kids' old beds are sold and gone, thank goodness. I had about three days' worth of clean laundry all piled up and unfolded because I couldn't get to any dressers or closets to put anything away. This sort of thing makes me crazy. I can't imagine what it's like to do any major project like remodeling a kitchen or finishing a basement; that would be seriously traumatic.

As the unwanted things move out of the house and everything else finds its place, I'm moving back to a sense of normalcy, and some easy knitting has helped with that. I was contemplating my next project (another sweater? baby blanket for one of my expectant friends? something with - gasp! - fair isle?) Daniel asked me to make him a sweater. Of course I said yes. How can you resist this child?

Together we chose some yarn (the green was his choice) and I found a pattern for a top-down hooded sweater (Knitting Pure and Simple). I've only been working on this for a few days, and I've already gotten this far:

I actually ripped back once and started over because it seemed too small. This surprised me. I've made several children's items with KPS patterns, and I have found that if anything they tend to run big, but not this time. Either that or my gauge is off somehow. I think the circumference is fine but the sleeves concern me. I'm afraid they'll be too skinny. In fact, since I took this picture I put the main body on hold and started a sleeve to see what it looks like. So far it's okay, but here's my other dilemma: do I put white stripes on the sleeves to match the body? Or do I make the sleeves plain green? I can't decide, and I can't go any further until I do. What would you do?

I guess until I've made up my mind (or y'all have made it up for me) I'll have to cast on for something else!


I'm still a knitting newbie, but I would suggest white stripes in line with those on the body, if it isn't too difficult. At least, that's my opinion.
Dee said…
I say stripes on the sleeves.

Dee Anna
katie said…
sorry to confuse the matter, but i vote for no stripes on the sleeves. it just might be too much. i like the look how it is, and imagine solid sleeves.
Jessi said…
Another vote for stripes on the sleeves. I am always so impressed by that. I could never, never, never line anything up like that, even sewing, I know I couldn't do it knitting. So, people like me will call you a knitting goddess if you do sleeves.
Mrs. Allroro said…
I vote against, but for a stupid reason. Stripes on the sleeve in line with the body look freaky to me, like camoflauge, like where're Walso's arms?s

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