green hoodie

I finally have actual knitting content to show you! Remember the green hoodie I started for Daniel? And how I asked for opinions on the sleeves: stripes vs. no stripes? Of the folks who commented, more wanted stripes on the sleeves than not. In fact, the vote was 3-2. But my vote counts for more since I'm the one knitting the thing and I decided that Katie and Ann were right: no stripes is better. Less fussy, simpler, you know. Plus, I was halfway through the first sleeve before I even thought about it, so I left them off.

The sweater is finished now and I am really quite pleased with it. So is Anya:

It's Daniel's sweater, but when I announced it was time for a photo shoot, he wanted to take pictures with his own camera (he's kind of obsessed with it) rather than try the sweater on. Fortunately, little sis was a willing model.

Pattern: Child's hooded tunic #232 by Knitting Pure and Simple
Yarn: Cascade 220, color "spring", about 2.5 skeins, and "cream", a bit of one skein
Needles/gauge: size 8 for what I assume was 4.5spi, but I think my gauge was a little tight
Comments: Like I said, I think my gauge was tight because the sizing was way WAY off. I had to cast on twice for the sweater when the first attempt was coming out much too small. I'm still not convinced the sleeves are right. They turned out fine for this, but they seem a little skinny compared to the body. In the end, I increased enough for the biggest size, which is supposedly for 6-8 year-olds. Daniel just turned 3 this February! The sweater is a bit long and roomy for him, but just enough so that it will fit him through the winter.

What is there more to say? Nice pattern, lovely yarn.

The best part? It's such a beautiful color on Anya, she can wear it when Daniel grows out of it. Talk about good planning!


Anonymous said…
what is the pattern/yarn brand & color on the top of the page on your blog?
(its blue/lavender & laying on the tree?
btw, im thinking of doing Twilight :)
Suze said…
Mary, the pic from the top is the lace scarf from an old Debbie Bliss book Celtic Knits. The yarn is Plymouth Buckingham, an alpaca/silk blend in fingering weight. I gave the scarf to a friend when she finished her doctorate a year ago.
Steph said…
Oh, super cute!
Jessi said…
I love it, even without the stripes. ;)

Also, I think it is too cute on Anya.

Re. sizing: Have I told you about my giantess children. The eight month old is wearing 18 month old clothes and I made her a dress in 18 month this winter and it's too freaking small for her, already and it's too hot to wear it. The four year old is in a 6 slim. I know that's probably not your issue, but it just reminded me. If I was going to make a sweater for Brynn, I would probably start with the 6-8 year old size. However, I made her a sweater last year and I think it'll still be too big this winter. sigh.
Suze said…
Jessi, my children are giants, too! Anya was in 18mo when she was 7 months old! Daniel is more normal, but he's on the tall side, but he was a giant baby, too. 95+ percentiles for both!
Jessi said…
That makes me feel so much better. It's hard to shop or craft for little ones that aren't nearly as little as they should be.
Dee said…
That is too cute, I really like it (even w/o stripes on the sleeves).

Dee Anna
Holly said…
Great choice....that hoodie will be lived in.

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