I finish stuff! Really, I do!

In fact, I just finished a hat so fugly I'll never wear it, and I'm embarrassed to donate it. I don't want to take pictures of it, and I don't even want to frog it since spring is tantalizingly close and I'm out of steam to make hats (for the moment) so it'll hang out in the big basket of hats/scarves/mittens/gloves/biking stuff for a while.

And I just finished that purple sweater and it's really lovely and I've worn it twice this week already, but I don't have pictures yet, so you'll have to wait until this weekend to see it.

Speaking of this weekend, the Madison Knitters' Guild is having a knit-in featuring - are you sitting down? - both Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Meg Swansen. I'm not a guild member, but fortunately, you don't have to belong to sign up, so I did. I'm excited to have several hours to do something for ME without dragging the kids along and I'm double-excited to meet these two women and (maybe) have them sign their books for me. I just hope I don't pee my pants from the excitement of it all. Or say something stupid.

Here's what I've been working on of late.
1. A blanket for Afghans for Afghans' spring drive. This is a community effort. I recruited at least half a dozen people to knit squares, and I've been really touched everyone's willingness to contribute and how quickly they got their squares done. Now I just have to sew the damn thing together. More details in the FO post.

2. Owls for Anya. It's a crying shame I haven't knit anything for my daughter since....(squinches eyes shut, thinks hard, delves deep into rusty memory of past year)...holy cow, was it last May? Poor thing's been wearing all of Daniel's hand-me-down sweaters to keep warm, which is just as well, since he is suddenly anti-sweater and won't wear them. Anya is too young to object to whatever clothes I put on her, and I have the perfect amount of chunky wool leftover from this project to make her a sweater. I think those cabled owls are so clever, and if I follow the stitch count for the smallest adult size with this gauge (4spi), I ought to come out with a sweater to fit a 2yo. Perfect for next fall, and I can roll up the sleeves for cooler days this spring. The chunky gauge means this thing is rolling along so fast I'm not bored with the st st, and the fun part is still to come!

3. Millefiori, from the latest Interweave Knits. I don't know what came over me, but I just thought it looked classy and perfect and I. wanted. it. So I bought some yarn on impulse - I know, I know like I couldn't have found some in the stash, but I didn't have a nice light green like I wanted and the Elsebeth Lavold Bambool was sooooooo soft and silky...I swatched. I washed the swatch and it streeeetched and I fretted and then it dried and the gauge mostly bounced back and I hemmed and hawed and even blogged about it. Then I finally just went with the needle size that felt right in the first place and cast on and I think it'll be fine.

By the way, believe everything they tell you about clam stitch being a total pain in the ass, because it is. It took me a couple tries and a trip to an LYS for Addi lace needles (love those pointy tips) in the right size to get it right. I think it's worth it, though, because it looks pretty dang cool.


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