My (almost) first attempt at dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid:

I say "almost" because the very first attempt was a little too blotchy, so I dyed it again. It's better, but drying in the basement so no pictures for now. For this batch pictured above I used a combination of "pink lemonade" and "strawberry kiwi." I was going for something bright and spring-like, but I ended up with the color of cooked shrimp. Daniel likes it, oddly enough. As he helped me wind it into yarn cupcakes, he said "Mom, it's boo-ful!" If he's not careful, he may end up with a shrimp-colored pair of socks.


Pretty! It's not quite the color of cooked shrimp. I think shrimp is paler.

If you want something bright, you might try to blue cool-aid. Don't remember what the flavor is called.
Anonymous said…
I like it. Someone gave me a bunch of white wool yarn, so I'm about to start dying too!

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