slow progress

So I've got this purple cardigan that's been about 95% done for over a week. I had all the pieces soaked and drying on the futon when I noticed that the two fronts weren't the same length. I couldn't do anything to fix the problem until everything dried out, which took a good day and a half (wool, cables). This cardigan has been in progress, off and on, since November. I hadn't had a problem with the pattern, but I kept interrupting myself with other projects, so that's why it took so many months to knit the pieces, and by the time I saw there was a problem, it took a while to fix it. I ripped and reknit, stared at the pattern, then cursed a bit when I realized I had ripped out the piece done correctly, started another sweater, then finally came back to the wrong piece and fixed it in about an hour. Turns out the problem was in the raglan shaping (I'd missed a decrease), so it really wasn't so bad.

Here's where things stand now:

There is my sweater turned inside out draped over random toys and books on the futon with sheets that haven't been changed from my mom's visit even though she left weeks ago. I could have cleaned up and set up for a nice picture,
but this one is more honest, more true to my life: messy, sometimes inside out, and getting things accomplished a tiny little bit at a time while I deal with everything else ("everything else" being mostly kids and housework - and I obviously ignore both from time to time).

All it needs is a few more seams, a collar and buttons. Let's hope it doesn't take a whole 'nother week, eh?

Now, a couple gratuitous pix of my little girl. She still doesn't walk much, but she luuuuuurves to climb this mini-stepladder. So much so that I had to buy a second one because Daniel also loves the mini-stepladder and they couldn't stop fighting over it. And look at the book she pulled off the shelf: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Things I Learned from Knitting! She may be a knitter yet.


Steph said…
I think you should send a fan letter to the Yarn Harlot with these two pictures in it. I love how Anya is touching the back flap and looking at it as though Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is perhaps a Great Mama Sage of some sort.

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