purple cables

Enough blabbing already. Here's an FO I've been wearing for over a week already!

It's a Debbie Bliss pattern from her book Rialto Classics. I like a lot of Debbie Bliss's designs, though her recent fascination with the sort of pleated cardigans that make all her models look pregnant isn't my thing. Her patterns, though, drive me bananas. The schematics are minimal, and there are never charts for cable patterns. I prefer charts to line-by-line instructions any day. (Also, all her fair isle patterns are done back-and-forth, even hats! Not that it's hard to adapt a fair isle hat pattern for knitting in the round, but come ON.) But like I said, I like her designs, so for better or for worse, I own several of her books.

I enjoyed knitting this little jacket. It's a bit swingy, but it falls right at the hip, so it's flattering. The cable pattern is very easy; in fact, for all my complaining about her lack of charts, I didn't even miss a cable chart with this design. And the yarn, Adrienne Vittadini Lisa, is just delicious. (Another aside: I don't like DB yarns much. They're soft but really expensive and they don't hold up. So they're fine for baby things that don't take many skeins and will be outgrown in 2 minutes, but no way am I forking over that kind of cash for an adult sweater.) This yarn is soft, yet sturdy, a mix of wool, alpaca, and I think a bit of mohair. It's very warm, and makes for a perfect sweater on cool Wisconsin spring days. The not-quite long sleeves, open neckline and open cardigan pattern keeps me warm without suffocating me. I wore it to the zoo this morning and I didn't suffer at all! (Predictably, the polar bear was out, and the giraffes were not.)

My only complaint is the back of the collar:

See how it won't lie flat? I may need to tack it down.


Caffeine Girl said…
Wow. Beautiful sweater.
Dee said…
Very pretty, I love cables. I prefer charts too, I can't imagine the line by line would work for me.

Dee Anna
Anonymous said…
Very pretty sweater! I have the same issue with Debbie Bliss patterns...I generally like her style (but am with you on the recent trend of maternity-esque sweaters), but I really dislike dealing with line-by-line instructions instead of charts, and knitting flat when there's no good reason not to knit in the round.

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