It's been a woolly weekend! Yesterday was the knit-in, of course. And today is so thoroughly beautiful and almost-spring-like, we took a little trip to this farm, which has special events the next few Sundays because it's lambing season right now. Soooo many sheep. Soooo many lambs; they breed for likelihood of multiple births, and there were more sets of twins than singles, as well as several sets of triplets. Sooooo many little kids looking at the animals! They had rabbits, pigs, chickens, turkeys and baby chicks to see as well. Oddly enough, Daniel's favorite animal to watch was the Pekin Duck, who wasn't doing ANYTHING. He (she?) was just sitting in his (her?) cage, head tucked under wing, waiting for the commotion to stop.

Daniel did enjoy the sheep, though, and after much coaxing, he finally reached out to pet a little lamb.

When we got home, Daniel stayed out on the deck blowing bubbles...

...while I sat out there with him and took pictures of yarn.

I've told you, haven't I, that the change of seasons makes me want to knit socks? I started this yesterday at the knit-in. Plain ol' st st sock out of Plymouth Rockin' Sox. I like the feel of the yarn (love that bamboo content), but I don't love the colorway.

At the vendors' section of the farm today, I couldn't pass up the chance to buy something totally locally produced - 2 skeins of natural worsted weight yarn from sheep grown on the farm, and milled and spun in a small town southwest of here (Argyle). I might make these mittens out of it.

And another skein of locally produced yarn. This is pure mohair, grown, spun, and dyed on location. Gorgeous. I love how this mohair isn't totally hairy like most commercial mohair yarns out there. This skein has 200 yards, kind of a fine weight. I put it next to my neck and it didn't feel very scratchy, plus the woman who sold it to me said mohair gets softer as you wear it. I'm not sure what to make out of it...perhaps a little lacy scarf? Give me suggestions!

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon, all in all.


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