orange socks, red socks

Thanks for the comments on that last post. Unless I use up all my stash before buying any more (and that's unlikely to happen), I will always feel a little guilty for what I've got, but that's just part of growing up as a midwestern protestant, isn't it? But anyway, I do feel better about it, and I really will try to use up and give away a lot of stuff before I replace it with new. (Steph, expect an email from me soon.)

But I'm not entirely selfish. Other people benefit from my knitting. Let's take Daniel, for example. He's almost three, and he still likes to wear things I make for him - most of the time, anyway. The chunky little scarf I put in his Christmas stocking...

...has gone practically unnoticed, for instance. (I used a single skein of Malabrigo chunky and it was such delicious knitting I don't even mind that he doesn't like it. I can wear it!) But if I ask him more specifically what he wants, he's more likely to wear it. Remember last fall when he asked me to make him orange socks? I made five and a half of those suckers before I couldn't stand it anymore. (You've heard of "second sock syndrome?" How about "sixth sock syndrome"!) Now he's nearly outgrown them, so I called it good and frogged the last sock. I'm trying not to let the fact that he has an odd number of orange socks (admittedly, they're all identical) bother the anal-retentive voice in my head that tells me "That third pair remains unfinished! You may not blog this as a finished object without that finished sixth sock!!"

Daniel wears these all. the. time. They're warmer than the 6-pack of cotton sport socks I bought him at Old Navy when we were done with sockless summer weather. Plus, the kid likes orange! You can see the wear; the yarn (Trekking XXL, I think) has gotten fuzzy and is starting to pill. They've been through the wash (including the dryer, when I'm in too much of a hurry to hang them up) dozens of times and haven't developed any holes, so that's definitely a plus.

I made him another pair of socks for Christmas. They're nothing fancy, just 2x2 ribbing with an extra long cuff to wear under his snow boots. These he is less enthusiastic about; in fact, the only way I got him to model these for me was to distract him with the TV. (Ah, PBS. You have saved my sanity more than once.)

I used some DK wool from the stash, leftover from something so long ago I don't even remember what I used it for originally. Size 3 DPNs made a nice tight fabric, but honestly, it was a boring knit. I think the next pair of socks I make need to be a little more exciting. Like with an actual pattern or something to keep my brain more engaged.


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