finished! baby Z's sweater

The bleached baby denim sweater is done! I had lots of fun with this one. The yarn was very soft and didn't hurt my hands like I expected it to (it being 100% cotton and all). The st st almost got a little boring, but this is a little sweater for a little person (not yet born, but she'll be arriving any day now) so it didn't take long.

And of course, the best part was playing with the bleach pen. I got a real kick out of that. What you see below is my own free-handing. You can like it, or not. In any case, I had a lot of fun with it.

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Baby Sweater from A Knitter's Almanac, heavily modified. I left out the lace stitch and made everything longer to account for shrinkage of the denim yarn.
Yarn: Plymouth Indigo Blu Jeans, a touch over 3 skeins
Other tools: Clorox bleach pen! (Note: use when your children are sleeping. It's just a little pen, but still pretty fume-y and toxic.)
Gauge: Meh. I think about 21 st = 4"
Other notes: I think I guessed a bit long on the yoke, because it seems long, even after shrinking in the laundry. I think it looks okay, though. I forgot about buttonholes until I was several inches into the sweater, so I sewed on snaps instead. (It seems like buttons are always coming undone on baby cardigans anyway.) Also, I was knitting blind in terms of sizing. I had hoped to make something little Z could wear this spring, but she may not be able to until fall because the sweater turned out a little bigger than I expected. Oh well. That's one thing I like about knitting for babies: the sweater will fit sometime, and as long as that's not mid-July, it doesn't matter.

I had 6 skeins of this yarn originally, so I've got almost three left. I think that's enough to make Anya a little summer tank top. Wouldn't that be darling? I've hardly knit anything for my baby girl so far, sadly enough!

BTW: Steph found a couple mistakes on the Transsiberian hat pattern. They have been corrected.


Steph said…
So pretty! Your bravery paid off. I could never wield a Clorox pen on a newly-completed handknit without creating sob-inducing disaster.
Dee said…
Ohhh, I really like that.

Maybe some day I will be brave and try bleach, but I doubt it because I have no artistic abilities.

Dee Anna
Suze said…
Dee, neither do I. Crude flowers and zigzags are about all I can do! Fear not the bleach pen!!
Anonymous said…
Oooh, the sweater looks really great with the bleach-pen decorations! I love it.
Lady P said…
That is just beautiful and I LOVE the idea of the bleach pen!!

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