Transsiberian hat

I've need a good winter hat for a long while. Stuart has an old, ugly, green fleece number that I'll wear when I'm desperate (like, less than 10 degrees outside), but mostly I've gone without. Funny, since I always insist that Daniel wear a hat, and I try with Anya, though she always pulls them off. And then she cries if she's too cold. Arrrg. Do they ever learn?

Anyway, we rented Transsiberian last weekend. (It's very good. You can't really go wrong with Ben Kingsley.) When I saw the hat that Emily Mortimer was wearing in the scene that - well, I won't ruin it for you, but it's a pivotal point in the story - I said to myself, "That's it! That's the hat I want!" It's just a white with cables and a ribbed cuff. It looks like something the costume people probably picked up at The Gap, but to me it looked just right. So I unearthed a skein of white heavy worsted yarn from the stash (Lamb's Pride Worsted), flipped through a couple of stitch dictionaries, and cast on. Three days later, it was done!

The Lamb's Pride is a tad itchy (I think it's the mohair), but it was nice to knit with, and I'm pretty happy with the result. I'll post a more detailed pattern sometime soon.


Dee said…
Very pretty, a good hat is hard to find in my opinion.
Suze said…
Thanks, Dee!
And it's funny, because there are about a gazillion hat patterns out there.
Anonymous said…
It looks great! I can't wear Lamb's Pride because the mohair content (or something, but I'm assuming it's that) makes me feel like I'm being bitten by lots of mosquitoes all at once.
Anonymous said…
I can see that picture of you in your trans-siberian hat and Anya in her fur-lined face pictured in (I would say Vogue Knitting but it's too good for VK, which I don't like because of their pouty models and ridiculous and I repeat ridiculous fashions) a knitting magazine. Great shot!


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