what's on the needles

Go read Steph's post on sweater knitting.

Now, here's what I'm knitting:

1. A Marsan Watchcap.

This is supposed to be for Stuart, who requested a new hat. I made him one a couple years ago, but it's too loose and he wants something snugger. Unfortunately, the Marsan cap seems to be too snug. It's all 1x1 rib with a twisted knit stitch, and the ribbing should be stretchy, but even so...Daniel can wear this thing. I know because he wanted to try it on. Still, I don't believe in frogging hats, so I'll continue with it. If it's too tight for Stu, I'll wear it. If it's too tight for me, Daniel can have it, even though that would be the third hat I've knit for him this winter.

2. The red shell.

This pup is nearly finished. I just need to do the necklines. It's on hold for the moment because as much as I'm enjoying the yarn, it's mostly cotton and making my hands cramp. I almost never get knitting injuries, but I don't want this to be a first.

3. I haven't cast on for it yet, but I just adore that herringbone hat from the latest Interweave Knits. In fact, if it weren't for that hat I wouldn't have bought the magazine! (I let my subscription expire because IK has been so underwhelming of late.) Clearly, I have hats on the brain.

This is two skeins of Classic Elite Fresco, the yarn called for in the pattern (though not the exact colors). I bought it yesterday at an LYS, where the highlight of the trip was watching Daniel wind up the skeins all by himself. (He was pretty pleased with himself, let me tell you.)


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