Patience is a virtue, eh? My Fall '07 Interweave Knits came in the mail yesterday. Of course, I had greedily checked out the preview online weeks ago, so there weren't any real surprises, but it's nice to have the material copy in hand.

What's that other thing in the picture? A new project? Yes. From stash yarn? Um, er, no. I went ahead and splurged on some Trekking Pro Natura yarn yesterday. Daniel's outgrowing his socks, cool autumn weather is fast-approaching here up north (though it's not here quite yet), and being the over-achieving-domestic type that I am, I decided to make him some socks for this year instead of buying them. I know I could get them much cheaper at Old Navy or wherever, and he won't know the difference, and they'll be hidden inside his shoes...but these will be much, much warmer.

I have other justifications, too. The yarn is a beautiful blue and green mix, though it's hard to tell from the photo because it's dark and raining today. It's also very soft: 75% superwash wool/25% bamboo blend. The single skein was almost twenty bucks - yikes - but if it's enough to make one pair of adult socks, I ought to get at least 2 pairs of socks out of it for Daniel, if not more. This way, when one inevitably gets lost, it won't ruin the pair.

I'm not using any pattern. These will just be generic socks: easy, fast knitting to ease all the stress I feel by the end of the day.

And by the way, I wanted to follow up quickly on my last post about "real women" and body image and all that. I really appreciate the comments you left, but I noticed only my fellow skinnies wrote in! I want to say that I am in total sympathy with all the larger women out there who have trouble finding clothes and knitting patterns to their liking. My mother and I often commiserate about never finding clothes that fit, and we are completely opposite body types. Where I am narrow, small-chested and overall just little, she is broad-shouldered and ample-bosomed and often has to adjust sweater patterns to be roomier. (Mom, I hope you don't mind me saying...) Extra-small sizes are often just plain unavailable; plus-size clothing is often ugly, unflattering and in gaudy, bright though larger women have no taste. I'm just saying I understand the frustration from both ends of the sizing chart, if you will.


Glenna C said…
Gosh, I'd meant to chime in on that previous post of yours and thought I had! I sympathize. I'm a 5'9" size 10 and some of my more petite friends look at me and assume I can fit a size 6 or shop anywhere I want...that always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. In my volunteer days there were so many women who would make comments to me like "oh, you can have dessert, you're skinny and don't have to worry about that." Well, this is the 21st Century and I'm sure there isn't a woman in NA who doesn't think about what she eats. ;)
I'm fine, I'm at a completely healthy weight, but by pop-media size and weight standards I'm sure I'm practially a horse. And sometimes this "real" woman would love to walk into a store and be able to buy size 11 shoes - forget the garments! Shoes are a nightmare!
::cough:: Anyhoo ;)
I have eyed that Natura yarn before and wondered about trying it. I bet it feels lovely!
I currently hover around a 18W. I can't comment on knitting or sewing patterns, as I'm a muggle. But I CAN tell you how sick I am of going to the store and the only clothes I can find in my size are either Mummu's or are in hideous colors or show waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much cleavage.

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