What's up with Interweave Knits subscription service? I bought a year's subscription for my mom as a birthday present a few years ago, and she never got her first issue, even after I emailed them a couple of times. They didn't extend the subscription, so she just ended up one issue short. For a publication that only comes out four times a year, that's significant.

Until recently, I'd never bothered to subscribe myself. Back in May I got this promo in the mail offering me a free issue. Once they named Eunny Jang as editor, I thought it might be worth subscribing, so I sent in the little card saying "Yes, please, I'd like my free issue and maybe I'll subscribe." I usually buy at least half the issues anyway, so the cost would be about the same, even if there are issues I just don't like. It took forever for my free issue to arrive; in fact, it landed in my mailbox about a week after my subscription bill showed up. A little tacky, but that's just the reality of bulk mail, I guess. Then at the end of July, two months after the Summer '07 issue was out, I got my free copy - wait for it - of the Spring '07 IK, which hadn't been on the newsstands for a long while. I sent a friendly email to the customer service folks explaining what had happened, and they promised to adjust my subscription. Well, now the Fall '07 issue is out, and most subscribers have received it by now, so I emailed them again. They replied that it was too late for me to get the Summer '07 issue (no big deal, as I wasn't crazy about any of the patterns in it), but that they adjusted my subscription again to start with the Fall '07 issue, which of course I still don't have. Come on, people. You have my money. I know it takes a while to process these things, but I paid over a month ago and I want my magazine!! Is it really so hard to slap my name and address on a sticky label?

I know, I know. I don't even have much time to knit, and when I do, I feel kind of guilty about it, so I'm barely doing any these days (hence the whiny blog posts.) But I still like to look at all the things I could be knitting.


I don't blame you. You paid for it, they should deliver it in a timely manner. If not, I would see if you can file a complaint at the BBB or something if they still don't do anything about it.
Steph said…
I once bought a subscription to Ms. magazine that never arrived at all. I don't remember what shenanigans I went through to try to get it sent to me, but I do remember that in the end I never got it and never got my money back. These days I'd probably harangue them and get way nastier...but I wasn't as good at standing up for myself back then. Ironic situation, huh, considering the magazine?

Sorry about your Interweave problem. Like you don't have enough to worry about without your freakin' magazine subsciptions going wonky on you.

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