socks for the danimal

I think it's about time for a couple more pictures of the Danimal. He's entered this fun stage where he imitates what other people are doing. Since he's with me more than anyone else, he imitates a lot of what I do, like mixing up flour for baking:

and playing with yarn:

(And of course, he does plenty of other things you'd expect a little boy to do, like pushing toy cars around, climbing everything that looks climb-able, and pretending to pour water out of every container he picks up - "psssssssssssssssh!")

It's high time I knit him something, especially since I seem to be stuck and uninspired with every other project I've started or even considered lately (and by "lately," I mean "all summer.") I've got a sweater for him waiting in the wings, but I haven't picked it up in many moons, and I'm in the middle of a cable repeat and I don't want to sit there for 15 minutes just figuring out where I am in the pattern and where the mistake is in the instructions, because I remember that there is a mistake, but I don't remember what it I started some socks out of that nice Trekking Pro Natura I splurged on last week.

This is what I've got so far (the colors in real life are a little brighter than in the photo):

There would be a lot more than that if I hadn't knit an entire sock that was way too small; it turns out that Daniel's foot is 6" around, not 5", and had I bothered to measure before casting on, I would have saved some time. Either way, it's a small sock by any standard, so it's going nice and quick.


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