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I didn't finish that sweater for Stuart's cousin's kid, and my nephew Charlie's sweater still just consists of one single striped rectangle. And I haven't even been inspired to start anything new, which is very unusual for me. I generally start way more than I can finish. Sad, ain't it?

You know what I have been doing? Reading! It's been soooooo looooooong since I've been able to power through a good book. Before Daniel was born I inhaled books. Novels, non-fiction, memoirs, you name it. And then I had a baby and for a couple months there I just sat on the couch breastfeeding and reading until I couldn't stands it no more, and then I rented Desperate Housewives and enjoyed it unapologetically and then Daniel quit napping and eventually become mobile...and I didn't have time to read, preferring to spend my free evening time knitting instead.

The last few months I've just been making time for reading. It's what's taking up my knitting time and knitting mojo (though sometimes I read about knitting - does that count?) This pregnancy really tired me out the whole month of May. When Daniel would sleep, I would make myself practice a little, then crash on the couch and read until I dozed off myself. It felt good; when I'm not in the middle of a good book, I feel like a little piece of my life is lacking. Last week, of course, I made it through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in about nine hours (over the course of two days). And recently, I've been reading Barbara Kingsolver's new book: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. (I wrote more about that on my other blog; if you're interested, click here.)

So that's the state of things. What about you? If you're not knitting, what are you doing? What are you reading?


Glenna C said…
I'm still reading 'The Tenant of Wildfell Hall' for Knit the Classics - I'm really enjoying it but have been reading in short bursts. And I read DH too ;)

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