cheered up (a little)

I couldn't just let that grumpy post from yesterday sit there for long. Getting out of the house all morning helped cheer me up a bit today, though the first thing we did was go to the doctor so Daniel and I could each have a check-up. Daniel's a bit behind with language; there's a lot of babble but few actual words. At one point, the doc suggested having a specialist come out and do an evaluation, but she changed her mind when she saw how well his motor skills are coming along, and when I told her that I was slow to talk when I was a little tyke. Some kids just hold out until they're closer to two years old.

After that, I met my knitting friends at an LYS for a little while, and that was really nice. They're all ladies my mother's age or older, and while I occasionally have to bite my tongue when one of them says something like "Well, civilized behavior simply ended twenty-five years ago" (she's a lovely lady, very classy, but I honestly wonder if she's ever talked to anyone who wasn't white, wealthy and Catholic like herself), I always enjoy their company. I knit a wee bit, too:

The white jacket underneath obviously didn't get done in time to see that baby in Kansas (my husband's cousin's daughter), but I'm slowly working on it anyway. I may send it to her later, or just save it for someone else. The furry linen thing resting on top is a garter-stitch something or other. It's chunky yarn on size 6 needles, so if the fabric is really stiff, I'll have me a new potholder, and if it's not too stiff, I'll have me a new dishcloth. Either way, I'll end up with something useful, if not especially pretty. The knitting is brainless and fast, both good qualities right now when I'm low on inspiration and still stressed about school.


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