I'm glad they extended the deadline!

Afghans for Afghans has extended their deadline for baby blankets to May 25. Big relief for me. I've got plenty of squares now and a lot of sewing up to do, and after that, even more ends to hide. Here's the state of things so far:

And a closer look at some of the pretty squares:

I've learned a couple of things:

1. Knitting an 8x8" square is not as easy as it looks. Most of the participants in this project had some trouble getting theirs to come out right. There was some cursing and moaning and gnashing of teeth.

2. It's way, way easier to stretch and block a piece that's a little less than 8" than to squish a piece that's a little more than 8". Still, I'm using everything I have because I'm so grateful to the lovely women (sadly, no men) who contributed to this project.

Last night, because the thought of sewing up more squares that don't exactly match size-wise was giving me a headache, I started a top-down baby sweater in Cascade 220 to send with the blanket. Will one skein be enough for a 19" circumference? We shall see. If it's not, I'll just throw some stripes into the bottom.

In case you're wondering about the pattern, I'm just adapting a Debbie Bliss raglan cardigan from Baby Knits for Beginners. Hers calls for doing all the pieces separately from the bottom up and doing gobs of seams. Noooooo! No more seams!! So I'm constructing it my way but following her numbers and measurements.


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