Finished! Afghans for Afghans Baby Blanket

The baby blanket is done and ready to send off to Afghans for Afghans!

This is a really special project because it's going to someone who really, really needs it, and several people contributed knitted squares. I sewed 'em all up and hid the ends (except for two stragglers that I didn't notice until I was taking photographs just now, d'oh!), but there's no way I could have done this by myself in time for the May 25 deadline.

Many thanks to the lovely ladies in my weekly knitting group (Cami, Judy, Pat, Andrea and Lynda), as well as Steph, who knit up several squares when she was visiting here in April. I know that making 8"x8" squares is easier said than done, and I appreciate the trouble everyone went to. I think the result is lovely.
ETA: Of course, when you have a half dozen people contributing to the same project, you never know what you'll end up with, but we did have a few guidelines about yarn weight (worsted), colors (blues and greens) and stitch patterns (reversible, non-lacy), so that's one reason the squares work so well together.

Look at the beautiful work everyone did!

I wanted twenty-five squares to make a 40"x40" blanket, and I ended up with thirty-one, nearly a perfect number to make a 40"x48" blanket. I had to leave out one square, so I chose a boring garter-stitch one that I had made. (Maybe I'll frog it and make a baby hat.) There are a variety of worsted weight wool yarns in this blanket, mostly people's leftovers from other projects, and a few things bought new. I don't know exactly what everyone used, but I know there's some of the following (I'm not going to link them or I'll be doing that all day...): Cascade 220 and Cascade 220 Heathers, Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted, Knit One Crochet Two Paintbox, Classic Elite Renaissance, Malabrigo, Ella Rae Classic, Plymouth Galway and Sensations Tesoro.

This is something we can really feel good about. Now, let's see if I can finish some little hats to send along with it...


Steph said…
I think there was some Paton's Classic Wool in there too.

This is beautiful, Suze. I wish I could have been there to help you sew it up!
Glenna C said…
Nice blanket! It is gorgeous and will surely be well-received. I always reflect on how little charity knitting I have done in my time as a knitter - I really should try to do more! A resolution for the rest of 2007 perhaps.
Kay said…
Wow, it's not easy to get a group-knit blanket to come out so harmoniously and 'on-purpose' looking!

It's really gorgeous--you are raising the bar. xox Kay
Thorny said…
Oh, it's beautiful!

I'm so glad to see that it turned out so nicely! And how wonderful of you to do all the sewing up. Just marvelous!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful blanket!

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