Remember the unfortunate experience I had at Lakeside Fibers a couple weeks ago? Last week I got a pretty card from them in the mail:

Enclosed was a $10 gift card. How nice, I thought. And then I read the note written in the card:

Thank you for your letter; I appreciate your patience and your patronage. I apologize that you were unable to check out as quickly as you required; however, we cannot neglect one customer in favor of another. I have spoken with the employees working that day and reminded them to be mindful during checkout. As a small business, we all wear many hats. I have enclosed a gift certificate for you to use on your next visit. Again, I apologize for any negative experience.
Regards, Miranda

Is it just me, or is that not really an apology? I didn't expect anyone to drop everything and help me just because I had a tired toddler on my hands, and I certainly didn't expect them to drop the customer who was legitimately in front of me in line just to get me checked out sooner. The last straw for me was when a second employee came in and instead of helping me when I clearly needed help, made a non-urgent phone call. I wasn't upset that they didn't neglect the other customer; I was upset that they neglected me! And then instead of apologizing for treating me badly, they apologized for me not understanding how difficult it is for them to run their small business.

In any case, I'm letting it drop right here. I'm blowing off a little steam on this blog but I'm not going to push the issue with them because while I'm frustrated, I also don't want to be one of those customers. You know the type. The kind of customer who, when she walks in the store, all the employees say to themselves and each other, "Uh-oh, she's back. What bee is up her butt this time? And she's got her kid with her? Who does she think she is, anyway?" No, I'm not one of those people. I'm a grown-up and I realize that there are far, far more important things in life than making a big fat deal out of a couple employees' poor judgment and their boss's lame apology. I'm officially. Over. It.

The funny thing about a $10 gift certificate to a place like Lakeside Fibers is that it's just enough to get you in the door and spend more money. Ten bucks won't get you enough yarn for a pair of socks in that place.


Steph said…
Sort of a Garrison Keillor style apology, isn't it? Minus even the attempt at good humor.
Thorny said…
Huh. I agree with dropping it as you plan to, but yeah... that doesn't seem exactly satisfactory to me either. :/
Yanno, I would either destroy or give away that $10 gift card and never go there again. What morons (uh... them, not you).
Mrs. Ann said…
I'd send it back, telling them "thank you," but that you won't be using it.
Anonymous said…
are you people freakin' kidding me?!? you feel you were neglected when an employee didn't stop helping another customer to service you, just because you had a kid with you?!?!? And how the hell do you know the phone call the other one made was non-urgent? How do you know she was even officially on the clock? maybe her shift hadn't even begun.

You don't want the shop owner to bend over backwards....you want her to twist into a pretzle as she kisses your butt. A $10 gift cert. went well beyond the apology you don't deserve. I do agree w/ jenn-jenn and mrs. ann....toss that sucker and never darken that poor shop owner's door again. you'll all be happier. Dott.
Steph said…
Anonymous, I can't fathom what kind of pleasure you get out of being this rude, but you come across as both mean-spirited and pathetic. If you want to make a point, argue it politely and coherently and own it with an actual identity. This is a knitting blog, for crying out loud. Do you have nothing better to do with your time than prowl around trolling knitters?
Debbie (formerly anonymous) said…
you're right, steph, I apologize. I could have said this a little less harshly. I'm just a little tired of impatient people breathing down my neck when I'm trying to get help at my lys (a shop where I spend a lot of $). And I get tired of you using your kids as an excuse to expect preferential treatment. The way I see it is, that shopkeepper was going to lose either way...she was going to make you mad, Suze,by not jumping to wait on you (out of turn), or she was going to make me mad by interrupting an issue that she was trying to explain to me.
You weren't being ignored because you had a child with you, Suze. It wasn't your turn! people that were there before you (whether in body or on the phone) were being waited on. just as the people behind you waited their turn , I'm sure without expecting preferential service

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