Because I couldn't resist

The last couple weeks, I seem to have fallen off the knitting wagon. I'm not sure why, though there are several possible reasons. I'm stressed about school, even more stressed about a 2-week song accompanying program I'm attending in June, and to top it all off I'm two months pregnant with our second child. (We really didn't see this one coming; if you're interested, you can read more about it here in my blog that's not about knitting.)

In other words, I've been too busy and tired to do much beyond what absolutely has to be done, so knitting has been on the back burner. Plus, with the weather warming up the wool just isn't calling to me. I know I could be knitting small things like socks and hats but I just haven't been inspired.

Except for one small thing:

Even though I swore to myself I wouldn't buy any more yarn until I've used up some of what's in my stash, I couldn't help but pick up a few skeins of this chunky Euroflax linen tweed that was half off at a certain LYS (not Lakeside) who won't be carrying the brand anymore. I'm thinking hand towels for a wedding I'll be going to in July. I haven't settled on a stitch pattern, though. Suggestions?


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