Quick note on anonymous comments

I don't generally consider this here knitting blog a hotbed of controversial issues, but I seem to have caused a wee stir with that post on the so-called apology I received from Lakeside Fibers after a negative experience I had there last month. I appreciate all kinds of opinions in the comment roll, but whatever your opinion is, please be considerate about the way you express it. My own general principle of commenting on blogs, particularly strangers' blogs, is that I would never write something I wouldn't say in person, and I appreciate the same respect shown on my own blog. That said, in the interest of open conversation, I won't delete a comment unless it's spam or stupidly obscene. Still, life is just too short to be unnecessarily rude. Knitting is supposed to make the world a better place, remember?


Steph said…
The sad thing, in addition to the marring of your pleasant knitty webspace with crabby ranting, is how misplaced and undeserved this criticism was. I've never known you to demand preferential treatment for anything, before or after having a baby. The commenter wrote as though she was using you as a surrogate for a person she'd actually encountered, conveying the impression that you are some grabby diva mom who habitually gets in her craw at her own LYS and that she was present at the situation you described.

Neither your letter nor your subsequent post convey the impression that you were angry at Lakeside for serving the woman ahead of you first, or that you "breathed down her neck" or in any way harassed her, or anybody. And furthermore, I can't begin to imagine you doing such a thing.

Bravo to you for taking a stand against yarn store snobbery (a worthy cause) and also for handling a poorly behaved commenter with grace.

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