Check out my mom's mad knitting skills, ya'll. This is the sweater she was working on when they were here for Thanksgiving, and now it's finished! Of course, coming to Madison for her spring break in mid-April means she has ample opportunity to wear it in all its wooly wonder because it's downright cold here. As we say in the South: "Ooooo! Idn't it purrrrrrty?"

Close-up of the sleeve:

Next, goodies for me!

She's giving me the leftover yarn, because - brace yourselves for this one - my mom doesn't keep a yarn stash, and she doesn't want the extra lying around. Save your sighs of sympathy, my friends. The real reason she doesn't have a yarn stash is because it would take valuable space away from her quilting stash, which is quite prolific. I plan to use this to make a jacket for Daniel for next year. It's warm, itchy wool, so I will definitely be lining it, probably with a soft knit jersey fabric. This will be my own design...I'll let you know how it goes.


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