Afghans for Afghans - quick addendum

Thanks to Thorny and Steph for agreeing to participate in this baby blanket project for Afghans for Afghans. I hope more of you want to chip in (assuming that more than two non-muggles read this blog).

I've got a few of my knitting friends here to help out, too. None of them are bloggers. I don't think they know about my blog, even. (One of them is 70 and sharp as a tack, but her husband does all her emailing for her. It's very sweet.) We discussed the project this morning and we agreed on a few more specifics, namely:

1. Reversible stitch patterns only (like seed stitch, basketweave, garter but feel free to get fancy).

2. My little group of friends and I are planning on using just blues and greens, because green is the beloved color of Islam.

Now, regarding #2, that's not to say I won't accept other colors. If I get enough squares, I could do more than one blanket, and I can arrange the colors however I like: a blanket in rainbows and one in neutrals and one in tweeds. I doubt there will be enough to get that specific, but one can always hope.

Finally, spread the word. I mean, getting one blanket done would be great, but wouldn't it be super-cool to have a whole stack of these to send? I doubt I'll be inundated, but if that happens, I'll draw on other knitters I know in the community to help with the stitching up.

That's all. My next post will have pictures, I promise!


Thorny said…
So relieved! The square I already started is variegated blue moss stitch! grin.

If you do somehow get inundated, count me in as a relief sewer (sew-er, not sewer).

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