So I guess in knit-blog-land, April is flash-your-stash month. Or maybe it's just April 1 that you're supposed to do it. Obviously I missed that deadline. Anyways, you don't get to see my whole stash for several reasons:

1. Most of it is in the basement in plastic (re: mouse-proof) tubs. Not exactly
2. But not all of it is in the basement. Some of it it distributed in various other places in the house. To assemble it all in one spot would be time-consuming and, with a toddler in the mix, just asking for one gigantic wooly tangled mess.
3. To assemble it all in one spot would mean you and I would see the actual size of my stash and I think I might be a little embarrassed and over-whelmed by it. Let's just say I have enough to keep me busy for a little while.

Nevertheless, how about a little taste?

(I have to tell you that I suffered a bit for these pictures. It's really cold outside - maybe 25 degrees - and very windy, so despite the bright sunshine and bit of greenery you see, my hands were stiff and my lips were turning blue.)

There's been some progress on Aran Rose. The color I'm using is called "Sage," and hey look! There's some new growth on the sage plant. A fitting pair.

Some Heilo in a bluish green and a dabble of cream. At one time I thought I would makes socks from this, but I've changed my mind. Instead I am going to make vintage-style mittens (plain, but with cabled ribbing on the cuff and contrasting trim) for a very kind and generous woman who volunteered an evening of babysitting while I was in Syracuse. Here's the Heilo hanging out in the lavender:

Some Cotton Fleece
in "Midnight" and "Putty" I'm tired of having sitting around. This will be a striped sweater for Daniel next fall.

Tweedy in thyme. This is slated to be another pair of navy socks for my father-in-law, only these won't felt like the last pair.

Some Plymouth jeanee, in two blues, to be a little baseball-type raglan for our nephew due next month. I'm not sure what these flowers are, but they're all over. Aren't they dear?

Denim among the poor drooping daffodils. Even though it's cold as a witch's teat outside, I have summer knitting on the brain, and I'm considering the "Indigo Ripples" skirt from the latest IK. I never in a million years thought I'd want to knit a skirt, but somehow this one appeals.


Steph said…
You are so endearingly weird. Next time, in addition to the various photos of beautifully arranged balls of yarn amidst the daffodils, so to speak, you should post a YouTube video of yourself running around the yard in freezing temperatures, placing yarn to and fro and snapping pictures. Maybe flash occasionally to the neighbors' windows, so we can see them peering out and wondering if that crazy knitter girl next door has finally, truly lost it.

I want to make the Green Tea pullover from IK.
What's with the knit bra on the IK website? That's just.... pointless.
Suze said…
heh. jenn, did you see the knitted thong? ew.
I just hope nobody knits those two items out of wool yarn. Talk about bad places to be itchy!

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