It's not a tube top...

...though those of you who know me might be slightly less surprised to discover that it is actually a skirt! (This snow has me wacked, but not that wacked. You wouldn't catch me dead in a tube top.) Not even the somewhat-more-sensible and less-shocking Indigo Ripples skirt from Interweave Knits (which I still want to make, by the way), but a flirty little number from the Rowan Linen Print collection. That's what snow in the middle of April does to a knitter. Well, that and finding the pattern book and yarn 40% off...

So anyways, I'm halfway done with it. It looks small, but this stuff stretches.

The hip-shaping and darts are all done with short-rows. This is the first time ever I've done short-rows on anything but socks. I learned how to do a wrapped stitch, and it was very, very cool. (For the muggles out there reading this blog, normally one knits across all the stitches on the needle; a short-row is when you turn around and go back across before completing the row.)

But this is the coolest part. There's a fringe at the bottom (have I mentioned how unpractical this garment will be?) that one accomplishes by knitting the bottom edge of the skirt with doubled yarn, then casting off all but the last 3 stitches:

Then you pull them all out:

And voila! C'est le fringe!

Fun, fun, fun. Forget anything I ever said about not using non-wool, bulky yarn with variegated colors. This is a blast.

I've got some finished objects to show you, but I think I'll wait for another post to do that. This one's got enough pictures as it is.


Anonymous said…
Man, I wish I had stayed long enough to watch you pull out the stitches for the fringe! That is about as exciting as you can get in knitting!
Suze said…
Well, you know if I hadn't messed up the first time around (I suppose I didn't mention that in the post), you'd have seen it!

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