randomly on a cold day

1. My husband and children are parked in front of the TV watching Green Bay and San Francisco duke it out in one of the coldest playoff games in the history of NFL. Some of those guys are out there with bare arms, even though it's 5 degrees and the wind is blowing. Crazy. I guess they didn't get the memo that football players no longer see wearing sleeves as a sign of weakness.

2. Early in the fall I spent several days painting Daniel's room, including ceiling and trim. It was a huge job. I also removed some awful sliding doors from his closet with the intent of making a curtain to go there instead. For four months that opening was a gaping maw, an eyesore in an otherwise beautifully re-painted and freshly organized room. This weekend, I finally made that curtain and put it up. I used a heavy cotton fabric with a gold chevron pattern that is a shade darker/brighter than the walls of his room.

You might think that hemming a big rectangle wouldn't be so hard. That's what I thought, too. I was wrong. For one thing, the fabric wasn't wide enough to cover the closet opening, so I had to buy double the length and sew it together with the pattern matching. Also, I'm not tall enough to reach everything in that doorway, so I was kind of guessing the length. I guessed wrong and had to hem it twice. I gained some competency with the grommet tool, and was ever so grateful (for once) to have a walking foot for my machine so the fabric wouldn't pull in funny ways with those long, long hems. This picture is crap, but here's the curtain installed:

3. Speaking of awful pictures, have a look at this one!

I'm always surprised at how red my face looks. Ugh. Anyway, I had Stuart take this picture because I've been reading Knit to Flatter and in it, the author Amy Herzog suggests taking a picture of yourself in fitted clothing against a plain wall so that you can mark some horizontal lines on it to determine your shape: top-heavy, bottom-heavy or proportional. She doesn't mention that you might look like an unhappy criminal in the process. Anyway, this made both me and my husband crack up so I'm sharing with you. What do you think my body type is?

4. Here's another knitter in my house, who is much much cuter than I am:

5. I have just realized that it's been two whole months since I posted a knitting FO here - my mom's birthday flowers. Jeez. It's about to change, I promise. I'm thisclose to finishing a test knit for Thea, and there's another sweater about half done I'm anxious to get back to.


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