learning curve

So…I've decided I want to do a mini-series here called "Sewing for Knitters" in which I offer up tutorials for making stuff that knitters find useful, things like needle rolls and project bags, and really, I know you can find those things in shops and on Etsy and purchase fancy patterns to make them yourself. I figure I have enough sewing and writing skills to do this myself and share the knowledge with y'all.

Problem is, making these things is not as easy as it looks. After two failed attempts at needle rolls, the first of which I put the strap closure in completely the wrong place, and the second of which was too freaking short to hold any freaking needles, I'm stewing in frustration and beginning to understand why these bloody things cost $50 on Etsy.

Still, I'm determined. I'm enough of a craft nerd that I want to make this work, plus I could really use some of these items and I would rather use ten bucks' worth of fabric and my own brain power (and hours of frustration, apparently) than shell out the dough for an expensive one I know I can make myself.

Those two unusable needle rolls are not utterly useless, since I took some notes and I know what I did wrong. I'm hoping I have a steep learning curve, and that the next time I make something and take three dozen pictures of cut up fabric on my ironing board, it will be worth sharing here. I'm hoping tomorrow.


gay said…
then maybe YOU could sell needles holders for fifty bucks on etsy!!!
Jessi said…
Turn the too short one into a marker roll for the kids. :) My mom and I made up my own pattern for a crochet hook book. It holds hooks, scissors, your current pattern, etc. Problem is that everything falls out of it. I've gone back to using a coffee mug.

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