blooper reel

I don't know about this, you guys. I like the idea of documenting the process of making something step-by-step, but it's actually quite tedious to interrupt your work every few minutes and grab the camera to take a picture of it. 

For one thing, my pictures are total crap. I do all this sort of stuff in the basement, which has some nice big egress windows and it's a nice workspace, but the light is insufficient for photographing anything, especially this time of year. Everything is blurry and yellow. It's frustrating, and I feel like I'm wasting my time.

For another thing, there are plenty of tutorials out there already, most of them on blogs better than this one, featuring photos taken in well-lit studio spaces by people who presumably know what they're doing.

I'm still debating whether I want to go through with this or not. Maybe I can wait a few months when there is actually more daylight, and going outside to take pictures of the finished product doesn't involve getting frostbite. While I mull this over, I'll at least show you what I made in the process - three project bags of various sizes.

That little one in the front is almost too small. It's just big enough for a sock project, or maybe a small hat. The middle one with the black and orange batik is the perfect small project size. It could easily hold a pair of socks or color work hat or mitten project. The blue one in the back I just made this afternoon and took lots of pictures to do this debatable tutorial. It's big enough for a scarf or part of a sweater. I think anything bigger and you'd want the bag to be a little more sturdy and have extra pockets or something.

Heck, I might just put the whole batch of not-great photos up here, since I went to all the trouble in the first place. Judging from the total lack of reader feedback, though, probably nobody cares anyway. I think while I wait for my  mind to make itself up, I should go do something productive.


Dee Anna said…
Well, feedback is here. As an incredibly infrequent blogger myself I admire you for posting interesting things regularly. I am always second guess myself, typing and then thinking "someone else has talked about this in a much more clear and entertaining way than I ever could" and then it never happens. I read all of you posts and enjoy them. To me blogging is a combination of getting to know a person and sharing a topic of mutual interest. I like reading about other's successes and struggles in craft. I would love to see your tutorials. I always enjoy seeing how something is made and dreaming about the day I will have enough time to do all the craft projects in my head.
Jessi said…
I say go for it. I've done tutorials, too and taking the pictures is by far the hardest part. But I love reading others'.

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