it's, like, really really cold outside

These has been a humdinger of a winter so far, hasn't it? My brother and his wife just moved to the Boston area a few months ago and they've just gotten pummeled with snow, and not for the first time this season! It's not as bad as that here, but it's getting brutally, cruelly cold here, maybe -15 or below that tomorrow morning, and just as bad when school is supposed to start up again next week. Madison schools don't close unless there is a wind chill warning, which is when the wind chill is something like -30. That's so cold it's absurd.

Anyway, yesterday being New Year's Day, we waited for it to warm up to 8 degrees or so (you take what you can get around here) and took a short walk in the woods. It was the only opportunity I had to take a couple pictures of the felted mittens I made at the last minute for everyone's Christmas stockings. Stuart didn't wear his, so you'll have to wait to see a picture of those.

Here are Anya's. They were turning out a little plain so I added felt ears, stitching for whiskers and buttons to look like eyes. She is very pleased with her kitten mittens.

Daniel kept running ahead, so I couldn't get a picture of his, but they look just like mine:

Yes, I put mittens in my own stocking! They were originally intended for Stuart, actually, but came out a little small for him, so I quick whipped him up another pair and decided to keep these for myself.

ETA: I forgot to give due credit for the mitten pattern! It's a free tutorial and pattern from here. The original pdf download is so generously sized (man hands) that I made photocopies at 80% and 90% for the kids' mittens, and that seemed to work well.

I don't have a grand wrap-up post for 2013. I have a bunch of projects I thought I'd have finished that are still half-done, and it felt like I was always, always working on something but my FO list on the sidebar is rather shorter than usual.

I also don't have resolutions or goals for 2014. I never stick to resolutions and my goals keep changing. You know what my resolution would be anyway, right? Some variation of not buying yarn, and that's always a yawner (and a bit of a joke).

So happy new year, everyone! Stay warm, stay safe, stay well, and happy making to all of you!!


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