project bag

I've got a kid home sick today, and while he is lying on the couch hacking up a lung and watching TV I can't practice. I finally decided to stop fretting about it and made a little project bag:

I wanted to do a practice run to see how it would turn out before spending all the extra time taking pictures and writing out instructions for a tutorial. It came out well for the most part, so hopefully I'll have that post written and ready to go soon.

This bag is just big enough for a project that takes one skein of sock yarn. The bright red blob you see in there is Anya's recital sweater in progress. In order to get these instructions made, I need to take some  actual measurements (instead of just eyeing everything). I'd also like to include a few size options, since this bag is good for very small projects but wouldn't really be big enough for even a two-color hat project.

The good (??) news is that I'll probably be stuck home for the rest of the week, so I may get that done sooner than you think!


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