test knits for fall

Has it really been more than two weeks since my last post? Gee whiz, sorry guys. I know that the thousands of you who read this blog (snort) are waiting with baited breath and just can't stand the suspense.

Blogging gets a little tricky in summer with kids around and extra travel and such. But we're gearing up for the start of school in September (which feels kind of late; I know school has started already in many places), and I'm pleased to show off the latest couple of test knits I've done for Thea Coleman! Her latest release is an e-book called With a Splash of..., all accessories, all featuring yarn hand-dyed by the Plucky Knitter. I was lucky to get some sample skeins, or I would have had to sub yarn or pass on the testing completely, so I was happy to test these after all.

I made the Black Tea hat, using Plucky Primo worsted yarn, about one skein:

It's got some slouch, which is nice and easy on the hair (though my hair is dreadful at the moment - I've needed it trimmed for months and haven't bothered), and the easy cable pattern makes the knitting fly by.

As you can see, Anya likes to be in all my pictures. She is also very cuddly.

Next is Soda Water scarf, using 3 skeins of Traveller Aran, a nice squishy yarn with merino and a bit of silk and yak. Very luxurious! By the end of the scarf I was almost tired of knitting it, but the finished length is taller than I am, so it will be nice to wrap around and around a cold neck this winter.

Here's my little model again:

As much as I like this scarf, I may not use it, but save it for a gift this Christmas. We'll see if I can actually bear to part with it. I'm not letting Anya steal this one, though. It's too long for her!


Lisa said…
She is adorable! And that scarf is gorgeous, love the color!

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