I don't really wear vests. They're just a little too preppy for my taste. But for some reason, when I saw Macallan in Brooklyn Tweed last year, I fell hard. 

Was it the faux pockets on the front? (Which, by the way, I didn't even realize were faux until I'd knitted the whole thing and kept  looking and looking for the instructions for knitting the lining. Duh, Suze.)


Was it the lucious cabling on the back?

Very likely.

Was my inner prep-school girl was just dying to free herself?


Or maybe I just have a hard time resisting just about anything Thea Coleman has designed, I don't know.

 In any case, I knit my Macallan vest like a house afire last winter, blocked the pieces, and then promptly set it down for four months or so. No one wants a rustic wool vest when summer is coming, plus I had some test knitting to do. Last week, I picked it back up and spent a couple evenings finishing up the seaming and armholes before taking a few quick pictures by the side of the house. 


To be honest, I'm not sure how much I'll wear this. It fits well and I did a very nice job on the knitting, if I do say so myself. I looooove the yarn, a medium worsted from Blackberry Ridge (same as I used in this test knit for  babycocktails, only in a different color)...but it's still a vest. I think it needs a little de-prepping somehow. I tend to think big clunky boots can solve just about any of my fashion issues, but I don't have a satisfactory pair at the moment, and anyway, I came of age in the 90s, so it's entirely possible I'm overlooking other options. Any suggestions from readers out there with a better fashion sense  than I've got?


Naycha said…
I actually really think the vest is very flattering on you. Beautiful job on the knitting too. Boots are fine with it if you wear jeans--though I prefer dressier boots to chunky. So are flats, loafers, ankle boots, Sperry's. You could also dress the vest up a little with a straight skirt and heels. But I really love the vest worn casual with shirt tail out and casual shoes.

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