powerful girl

True to my word, I made Anya her Powerful Girl costume. I used the same pattern for hers as I did for Daniel's, so it went much quicker. There is quite a learning curve for installing zippers, is all I'm saying.

My Powerful Kids have been making frequent appearances of late, introducing their alter egos to anyone who stops by for any reason. See that plastic climber way in the back of the photo there? Powerful Man helped disassemble it and haul pieces to my friend's van yesterday so we could donate it to this awesome preschool (shameless plug/aside: if you live on Madison's west side and are looking for a part time preschool, check out that link! The preschool has been operating successfully for 45 years and just moved to a new location this summer. The teachers are phenomenal - a claim I don't make lightly - and children really thrive there. Both my children attended this preschool, and are the better for it.)

I could do with some super powers myself. The creative juices have been...misdirected, I guess you could say. I've recently become a little wrapped up in scheming some home improvement projects, none of which have come to fruition yet. Also, I'm tired. The kids have reached that stage of summer where they are constantly picking at each other, I don't have much left in my reserves of patience to deal with it, we're traveling this upcoming week without Stuart, our 12th wedding anniversary is tomorrow and we are spending most of it apart and don't even get a chance to celebrate, I'm in a big fat professional funk, I have to cook dinner AGAIN and my feet hurt.

Where is Powerful Woman, Amazing Mom, full of pep, enthusiasm and invincible awesomeness when you need her?


Jessi said…
So cute. Also, it is my firm belief that you are Powerful Mom. The problem is that your alter ego is Tired Mom. Most superheroes (Superman aside) have to deal with the reality that everyone else sees them as a superhero and they see themselves as normal. Your kids see you as an amazing, and very powerful mom.

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