Nebbiolo, fa real this time

For real, I'm going to need this big, lucious cowl this week. We've had a warm snap, but we have a cold front coming through with single-digit high temps predicted and brutal windchill besides. It's kind of a shocker after spending a week in warm, sunny Florida (not to rub it in or anything, and besides, I was working! The trip wasn't purely vacation.)

Pattern: Nebbiolo by BabyCocktails (I think I knit more of her patterns than anyone else's)
Yarn: Misti Alpaca chunky, about 3 skeins, bought on clearance at WEBS ages ago
Sticks: size 10.5 circs, these
Comments: I made no mods. This went lightening fast; I had it done in just a few evenings. Big ol' cowls are in, I suppose, and for once it's a trend I like. This could be simply because I live in Wisconsin, where one can't have too many warm winter accessories, but I have to admit I like the look of lots of fabric draped around my neck. I think it draws attention away from my sad hair and flat chest.

Speaking of winter accessories, we have a mitten emergency in this house. Daniel lost a mitten this afternoon and nearly wept, "But mom, those mittens were made with love!" so I promised him a new pair straight away. I better get on that.


WildflowerWool said…
Love the cowl!
Anonymous said…
Looks great, and yes, having a smaller chest allows you to wear a big cowl. Doesn't work so well for me!

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