winners. and yellows.

There were six entries on my last post, so for my random number generator, I had each of my kids roll a die. The result was 1 and 6, which means the winners are Jessi and maerillem! Congratulations! Jessi expressed her preference for the pink sparkly yarn and maerillem didn't say one way or the other, so I hope the blue is all right with her/him. Then everybody's happy.

If you didn't win, don't be disappointed. I've got more coming.

Speaking of which, ready for round 2? Yellow! Why do I have so much yellow, you ask? Well, until recently, yellow was Anya's favorite color. She would wear yellow from head to toe, such was her enthusiasm for it. I've knit her at least three yellow hats, a yellow scarf, a yellow pair of mittens, and I had plans for socks that have yet to materialize. Now, for whatever reason, yellow has fallen second to red (because that's the color of Clifford), green and blue (probably because of Wild Kratts, but who knows, really). In any case, I find myself with a small pile of yellow yarn meant for her that never got knit, and since I can't wear yellow without looking awful and ill, I think it deserves a happier home.

First up is a touch less than three skeins of Valley Yarns Superwash DK in soft yellow. This is lovely yarn, it really is. It's soft and pretty and holds up really well to washing (though it will stretch unless you put it in the dryer for a few minutes, and now you've been warned). I bought it to make Anya a sweater when she was two years old, which she wore to death. I had tons leftover, so I went on with a hat and mittens (which never even made it onto the blog, sadly, and I even designed them myself!), and there are still almost three skeins remaining. It is the yarn that Will Not Die.

Next is two skeins of DB Fez, an aran weight merino wool with a touch of camel. It's hard to part with this, but I know I won't use it. These skeins are untouched. I never even swatched it.

And thus begins round 2 of my destash blitz. You've got 24 hours. Let's spice it up a bit this time. Leave a comment by 9pm CST tomorrow (Wednesday) telling me your favorite color and how often you wear it, and I'll randomly choose two winners. If you won last time and want to enter again, be my guest! 


Dee Anna said…
My favorite color is blue. I wear it pretty much all the time. My two favorite coats are blue, my favorite shoes are blue too. I sometimes leave the house dressed completely in blue. Hmm, it sounds like I have a problem but I really love all colors (but blue best.)

The second yarn looks yummy!
maerillem said…
I love how cheery the yellows are!

My favorite color has always been silver but I don't think that's very practical for everyday life. ^_^ Most of what I wear is blue.

No need to enter me in this one; I'm sure there are other people who would like a bit of sunshine in fiber form. ^_^
Jess said…
Clothes-wise, my favorite color is probably black because it's so easier to match with everything. I'm mentally scanning my wardrobe, and I think the most frequent actual color that I wear is either a burnt orange or bright green. Not together though obviously. Blech!
Barb T. said…
Well, if I added a little gray! Just kidding, lovely is what I say to any yarn!
Barb T. said…
Well, if I added a little gray! Just kidding, lovely is what I say to any yarn!
Naycha said…
I am a red girl myself, and I used to wear it as much as possible. But now it seems the only color in my closet is black. When I was a baby my mom always loved me in yellow because I've an olive complexion that she said looked wonderful in yellow, whereas she's Dutch and very fair and like you, says yellow makes her look ill. I'd love to win either of the yellows. It's such a fun, cheery color. RAVid: Naycha
Jodi said…
The Fez looks awesome!

I'm a big fan of blue myself -- honestly, I wear blue or black most days, and we just bought a very cute bright blue electric car! Makes me cheerful every time I hop into it.

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