destash round 1

To combat some serious Sunday Funk (you know what I'm  talking about, right?) I did a clean-out of the big laundry basket on my side of the bedroom yesterday afternoon. Stuff has been piling up in there for a few months, and after a day of feeling like I was going to crawl out of my skin (sometimes weekends are just like that for me, especially when the weather is nasty, which it was), I thought maybe it would make me feel a little better. It helped, except that most of what it is in that big laundry basket is piles of yarn. Stash overflow, if you will. Projects I thought I would start right away and then didn't because, you know, reality dictates that one can't really knit five sweaters and eight hats in one week.

I'm not on any official yarn diet because to forbid buying new just increases the temptation, and anyway, making up rules for myself about what I am and am not allowed to do knitting-wise (like NO BUYING ANY YARN FOR TWO YEARS - which I tried and failed to do - or YOU MUST FINISH TWO THINGS BEFORE STARTING ANOTHER ONE) just makes the whole thing a chore. And knitting should never be a chore. My whole life is a series of chores revolving around laundry and dirty dishes and nagging the kids to pick up their crap at the end of the day. I don't need more of that.

That said, coming to grips with the size of my yarn collection is a good thing every once in a while. I put some things away this morning and in the process found a bunch of good stuff I kind of forgot I had. I was also relieved to see no insect damage. I still have enough yarn to knit a sweater for everyone in the neighborhood, but I'm okay with that. At least it all fits in the many plastic tubs I store it in (though a couple are starting to bulge at the top...)

I also found a few things that I am ready to be done with. I started listing them on craigslist, but everything is in fairly small amounts and it's all yarn I've had for a while that I just need to have out of my house. I have a couple bags of larger quantities I'll try and get a bit of cash for, but the rest I'm giving away. Here! On my blog!

Round one: sock yarn!

First up, 100g of blue wool/nylon kettle-dyed fingering weight with no label. I think it's Araucania. I think I bought it from a shop in my hometown because I didn't want to leave empty-handed. Color not as bright as in the picture, more of a denim blue.

Next, 100g of wool/silk/nylon/metallic fingering weight. I think I originally bought this to make something for a newborn niece who is now four and therefore opinionated enough not to wear hand knits anymore. It's a shade of pink many little girls love and it's a little sparkly, too. 

All right, readers. You have until tomorrow evening 7:00 CST. Leave a comment and I'll pick two random winners tomorrow night. I'll mail these anywhere in the U.S.


Jessi said…
Oooh, me? That pink would make a very happy little princess in my house.
Anonymous said…
Did you say sock yarn, like denim.
Sounds perfect for a pair of socks to go with blue jeans. Thanks for a chance!
LynnIL ravelry
Dee Anna said…
Yarn! I don't really need it but it will have a very loving home if I win.

Dee Anna said…
I just tried to comment and I think the internet ate it, but if it resurfaces, oops.

Yay for yarn.
Naycha said…
This is my 3rd try, so let's see if it takes....

Thanks for the opportunity!! I love denim blue AND sparkly pink. And I can always make room for fact, my husband is getting a workshop and moving a bunch of stuff out of the spare room, so now is the perfect opportunity to add to my stash. RavID: Naycha
maerillem said…
Just catching up on blogs and I'm hoping to squeak in on time...^_^
Stracey said…
Ooooh, they're both beautiful!

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