knitting is finally contagious in my house

I finished up another pair of Squall Mittens yesterday. They took all of two or three days to finish, the great motivators being 1) chunky yarn, 2) fun pattern, 3) cold weather and 4) the fact that I recently lost my favorite pair of very warm mittens!

It wasn't until I set out with the kids for an afternoon sledding expedition that I noticed the 

Uh, oops. Well, at least these weren't meant as a gift.
Even if they're not perfect, I love them. 
They kept my hands warm the whole 2 hours we were sledding.

Pattern: Squall Mittens 
Yarn: Mirasol Sulka (alpaca/merino/silk blend in chunky weight)
Sticks: DPNs in size 8 for ribbing and 9 for the rest

Now, check out the most recent FO from my household:

The incredible thing is that Daniel knit this hat himself. He finished up that neckwarmer before Christmas and begged to start a hat right away. I even gave him some really good yarn; I think this is some Shibui hand-dyed I bought for no particular reason several years ago.

It helps that he's so cute in orange.

I believe Daniel's favorite part of this hat was the pompon. He really wanted a white one, even if it doesn't really show up against the snow.

So what if he wears it with the seam in front?

And I'm not kidding when I say he knit the whole thing himself. You can see he threw in a few purl rows as well, and he also learned to decrease with k2tog for this project. I fixed a few mistakes, sewed it up, and made the pompon, but that's it.

This afternoon he started a blanket and asked me to teach him to knit in the round so he can make a pair of mittens. Unstoppable.


Sava said…
It makes me all warm inside when kids are excited about something creative like knitting.

My little brother was really into knitting a few months ago so I gave him a little lesson on how to purl and a few skeins from my stash to help him along.

The hat really looks great! He should be very proud!
sueb said…
Wow! I am so impressed by his skill! My 8 yr old granddaughter wants me to teach her to knit. I have only been knitting about 2 yrs. How do I begin?
Suze said…
sueb, thanks for your comment. I think your question deserves a full post, so I'll do that this weekend!
Anonymous said…
Tell Daniel that Oma is impressed and proud of him!!!
Caffeine Girl said…
Hey, remember me? I'm trying to get back into blogging!

I am so jealous of your knitting son. Neither one of my kids likes doing any kind of artsy or crafty activity. Your kid is amazing!

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