yeah yeah, more mittens

Today I end the parade of Mitten Mania 2012 with some cable-icious goodness. 

You know, I enjoy color work, especially since the double-stranding makes for extra warmth, but in my heart, I love cables more!

Without further ado, I present Woodruff!

Pattern: Woodruff from Brooklyn Tweed
Yarn: Patons classic wool in teal heather 
Sticks: size 6 and 7 DPNs
Bobbles - yes or no? Yes!! 1,000 times yes!! Gosh they are fun and on mittens you don't have to worry about, um, awkward placement, as on the front of a sweater. (I think you know what I mean.)

Next up: Squall mittens!

This is a new design by the always-so-fabulous GlennaC. I haven't yet bought every pattern of hers, but only because I excel in self-restraint. I couldn't help myself when she released the Squall Set last week. 

Chunky cozy winter accessories with giant cables? Yes, please!

Pattern: Squall mittens
Yarn: Mirasol sulka (alpaca/merino/silk blend), less than 3 skeins
Sticks: size 8 and 9 DPNs

Are you wondering what all the obsession with mittens was about? Well, a little more than a month ago I decided to knit a pair of mittens for every teacher at Anya's preschool, plus the preschool director. It's been a rough year for the school (this is an understatement)* and the entire staff has been amazing and professional throughout all the challenges of the past few months. I felt they all deserved something special and handmade, and when things started heating up at the beginning of November, I set my other projects and ideas aside, and got to work. The last couple weeks, some other preschool parents joined in the effort, and today, we were able to present each teacher and the director with a beautiful tote bag full of goodies, including these mittens I've been blogging about, plus a scarf to match and a bag of cake pops. (Cake pops are da BOMB. Just saying.)

And by the way, I've knit nearly all these mittens with stash yarn. I'm really trying to reduce the volume.

*My daughter Anya currently attends the only part time parent cooperative preschool on the UW campus. It is incredibly culturally diverse and has been a vital establishment in the community since it began in 1968. It is a model for early childhood education that reflects trends in current research that show how crucial parental involvement is in a child's education. The school is at full enrollment and has been financially solvent from the beginning; under our current director, the program has actually expanded! And yet, we are being forced out of our space on campus unfairly and without proper community input. If you've read this far, consider signing this petition to support the preschool and send a message to the UW administration and childcare office that our relocation outside the campus will be a significant loss to the campus community. Parents need options, yo.


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