radio frequency

It's time to squeeze in one last FO for 2012!

Pattern: Radio Frequency by Mandy Powers from The Red Collection


Yarn: Cascade 220 sport (100% wool) in cream and dark purple

Sticks: 3mm for the mittens, 3.25mm for the hat (they call for different gauges)

Made for: My awesome SIL, MJ, fellow knitter and appreciator of hand knits!
She didn't have a chance to model them for me, so I did the honors a couple days ago with my mom behind the camera.

I'm calling this an FO even though the hat still lacks a pompom. I left my pompom maker in Wisconsin (we're visiting my family in Kentucky this week), so I need to send that later. (And yes, I know I could make a pompom without the gadget, but I don't wanna.)

If MJ weren't such a worthy recipient, these would have been hard to give away. In any case, I might make myself a set because they are so much fun to knit. Well, the Latvian braid is a pain in the backside, but worth it for the end result. In fact, I might yet make these for myself, maybe in different colors - red and tan? dark brown and cream? That is TBD, I suppose.

p.s. It's my birthday today! I'm 34. It's been a nice day, nothing too special, but nice.


WildflowerWool said…
Happy Birthday! Sometimes just a nice quiet day is the best. Your knitting is amazing! I love Mandy's designs. You have tempted me to get the collection of patterns. A New Years gift to me??
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous hat and mittens!

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