bulky mittens

Mitten Mania 2012 continues, my friends, but it is finally winding down!

Here are two pairs of bulky mittens.

Have I mentioned how I hate knitting mitten thumbs? I started these in November, knit them all up in a few days sans thumbs, then set them all aside until last weekend.

These mittens are gifts that had to be finished by this week, so I just sat myself down and had a big thumb-knitting marathon (not nearly as exciting as it sounds, let me tell you) and now, thankfully, they are done.

In fact, I am one thumb short of finishing up all the Christmas mittens for this year - 6 pairs in all (the final two pairs I will share once the first pair is dry and that last thumb is finished), unless I whip up one last pair for someone in the family. That is still TBA.

In any case, the recipients of these mittens are good, hard-working people. I would knit thumbs all day for them, they are that deserving. So really, I don't mean to complain.

Pattern: None. I improvised. I thought about writing it up, but good heavens if you do a search for bulky mittens on Ravelry you get about two dozen hits, so I didn't think there was any point
Yarn: Berocco Boboli quick, about half wool, half acrylic in wild, variegated colors. I kinda like it. It took just under two skeins per pair.
Needles: size 8 for ribbing, size 9 for the rest, for a much denser gauge than recommended. This didn't make for very pleasant knitting, but the mittens are good and stiff and should be good and warm if we ever get a real winter up here!


WildflowerWool said…
Thumbitis strikes again! They look great with their thumbs :)

You have some snow! Ours has melted.

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