saturday night

After I read about Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen's new book in this week's Knitters' Review, I immediately went to the Schoolhouse Press website to order it. While I was at it, I included a copy of Alice Starmore's Charts for Color Knitting. I know I could probably find these cheaper on Amazon or somewhere, but it just feels so much more authentic this way - supporting small business and all that.

I think I placed the order two days ago, and they arrived today already. What a treat!

When I placed the order, in the special instructions section I asked if Meg and Amy could sign their book for me because it would totally make my year, though I completely understand if it's not possible...and look -

- they both signed it! I am thrilled. Stuart is out for the evening, and I can't wait to curl up and started looking through my new books.

OMG I am such a knitting geek.

By the way, I only got one comment about the Asheboro hat, but I think Dee Anna's right. I should cut off the ribbing and make it shorter rather than ripping out the hat. I like the placement of the color work where it is already, plus this would be less work than re-knitting 2/3 of the hat. So I'll get around to fixing that soon. (Thanks for the affirmation, Dee Anna!)


WildflowerWool said…
A signed copy of your book!! How exciting. Totally makes up for the extra price!

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