asheboro, for real this time!

Remember how I thought the ribbed brim on my husband's Asheboro hat was too long and covered the lovely color work? After I wrote that post, he tried it on again and said, "Hey, I don't want this hat any shorter!" Well, I said, in the words of the mighty Bluth family, that was a freebie. In other words, this here hat didn't need anything more than a proper steam blocking and photo session.

Stuart is quite happy with his new hat!

He even sent me an email from work the other day: Just wanted to tell you that I wore the hat on my way in today, and it's
very nice -- comfortable, warm, and quite the right size. Thanks,
darling. :)
Emoticon and know, it's not often that I get unsolicited comments from him on the stuff I knit, so the email was rather a big deal.

Let's have a few more pictures of the actual hat, shall we?

Stuart is enjoying his first Bell's Oberon of the season. Ahhhh.

I think I said it before, but I'll say it again: I loved knitting this hat.

I used Berocco Ultra Alpaca (50/50 wool/alpaca in worsted weight), light gray for the main color and a heathery, dusky denim blue for the contrast. I love this yarn. There is nothing flashy about it, but it's soft, warm, durable, holds its gauge, and the colors available are just lovely.

The pattern (Asheboro Hat by Mandy Powers) is easy, quick, and well-written. My only modification, other than yarn substitution (the designer uses BT Shelter, which I plan to try someday when I've reduced the stash enough to justify such a splurge!), was to go up a needle size for the color work rounds because I knew my gauge would be tighter with stranded knitting.

My kids are on spring break next week, so they and I are headed for Kentucky tomorrow to visit my parents for several days. I'm still debating about what knitting projects to take along. Socks, for sure. The big comfy sweater I started a week ago, and am half done with already? Or should I start a new summer top (I'm thinking of Gemini from the new Knitty, using stash yarn)? Decisions, decisions.


NessaKnits said…
I think from the fact he is so happy to model it, he quite loves it!

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