snip, snip

Here's a sweater I started recently:

It's Drambuie, a recent release from Baby Cocktails, and...I'm undecided about it. I like the design, and I find the cable detail absolutely charming. It took a few tries, but my gauge is right on. The problem is that it might be coming out a little small. Since this sweater is knit in pieces (just two: front and back), I won't know until I'm done with the first piece and can block it. As it is now, the edges curl in quite a bit and the cable pulls the whole thing in, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The other iffy part is the yarn. It's Berocco Lustra, a 50/50 blend of wool and tencel, so it has a nice sheen, and ought to drape as well, though I had to go down a needle size to get gauge. I love the deep red color I chose, and it's very nice to knit with. Blocking should help with drape, I hope. Yes, I swatched. No, I didn't wash the swatch, and yes, I know I should have. The thing is, a swatch, even a big swatch, won't ever drape like a whole sweater, so I'm just taking my chances.

Last - and I hope this isn't a bad omen for the whole project - my kids got into the ball of yarn attached to my knitting and started cutting it up. I saw the tangle, but didn't discover the cuts until after they were asleep, and I am still upset about it and trying to come up with the most appropriate consequences for this behavior. I do not know what possessed them to do this. They are young, yes, but still old enough to know better. I'm thinking they lose TV privileges for a day or two and I'll confiscate all art supplies, scissors in particular!


Julie said…
Oh, no. Your sweater looks beautiful and that makes the "snip, snip" so much harder. I have a theory that every kid is bound to snip their hair at some point; maybe this will satisfy that urge. Your consequences sound fair, especially the one about art supplies since it relates to your loss of creativity supplies. Hope it doesn't hinder your love of this project.
Anonymous said…
In regards to the sweater, if you really need to know if it is going to be big enough, you could put it on a really long needle or waste yarn and do a little steam blocking on the bottom.

The sweater looks great so far.

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