weekend knitting

How many people go to the mall on a rainy Sunday afternoon? A LOT. We learned that the hard way today. Our big computer (a Power Mac that's about five years old) suddenly started having weird problems that even Stuart, who is pretty much an expert, couldn't figure out what was wrong. He made an appointment at the Apple Store, and because it was raining and we felt cooped up and bored at home, we all decided to go along. I don't think I've set foot in the mall in at least six months, and I'd be happy if I never went back. It was teeming with people and little kids and so noisy I couldn't hear anything, which isn't helped by the fact that my left ear is all clogged up from an ear infection, my second in as many months (shouldn't I be too old for those by now?) so for the last three days it feels like I've been walking around with a bubble over my head. Anyway, the diagnostic for the Power Mac took a little while, so I actually got a good bit of knitting done on my Wurm hat, which is the perfect portable project, a.k.a. small and easy.

I'm nearing the end of my test knit. I think it's okay to show you this little hint of the back (there's still a collar to knit on there, which will make what looks like a pair of knitted lips look much better!):

The finished project will be a nice little sweater, and would have, in fact, been perfect to wear in today's cool, rainy weather, but I do have a few hours of knitting to go first. For that matter, I still haven't finished the lightweight pullover, even though I'm so very close to the end. Maybe I'll get that done and blocked tonight...


Jessi said…
Can't wait to see! Looks beautiful so far.

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