first day of summer?

It's not really the first day of summer, but it suddenly feels like it - sunshine, temps in the 80s. Less than a month ago, there was snow and ice on the ground; it's a little surreal!

Not surprisingly, a lot of my knitting mojo has been channeled into gardening over the last week or so. There has been much weeding and planting and digging and pondering over what should go where. I have big plans this year as always, plans involving herbs and vegetables and butterfly-and-hummingbird-friendly flowers and a community garden plot. I am nothing if not ambitious.

Also, how to keep the bunnies away? This is a huge challenge. I was just chatting with a neighbor, whose backyard vegetable garden was recently invaded by a mama bunny. She chewed through his fence, hunkered down in the middle of his garlic patch and then promptly gave birth to a bunch of baby bunnies. He ended up spreading some raw hamburger over the garlic nest, which attracted a flock of crows, who in turn, um, took care of the little bunnies. (With apologies to my readers who might be overly sympathetic to animal rights: this is nature, folks. There are too many rabbits and not enough predators to keep their population in check. At least he had the decency not to poison them.)

I haven't planted anything rabbit-friendly yet, but when I do, there will be a strong fence around it. I like my beans and lettuce nibble-free.

Unfortunately, Daniel has been under the weather for a couple of days, so we haven't made any grand and glorious outings to the outdoor places we normally like to visit in the spring, like the zoo and the Arboretum and the botanical gardens. By midday today, at least, he was starting to perk up, so I let him and Anya put on their swimming gear (glad I ordered that early this year!) and turn on the sprinkler.

Miraculously, my knitting didn't get wet. Yeah, I did remember this is a knitting blog. Here is my lightweight pullover, just a few rounds of sleeve ribbing away from being finished:

I've tried it on and it fits just right. Of course, it's possible I won't have the chance to wear it until September, but then again, this is Wisconsin. We could be back in hats and mittens by the weekend.


Louise said…
Nice sweater! The weather is crazy here too. Cool and rainy today but the kids were in shorts yesterday. I haven't put the winter coats away just yet...

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