sock progress

We have had an unexpectedly nice day here. I was expecting clouds and possibly rain, but instead the sun was out and it was mostly warm, a bit over 60 degrees. We spent quite a bit of the weekend outside and were surprised to see tints of sunburn on our necks and foreheads. With snow less than a week ago, it just seems too soon for sunscreen, don't you think?

One thing we did over the weekend was sprinkle grass seed over part of the back yard, which is rather balding and pathetic. Daniel made a couple of signs, "Please keep off (heart) (heart)", and I really wish I had a better picture:

And I'm making good progress on these jelly beans socks. I had to rip the whole thing when I discovered I was doing the stitch pattern wrong (one minor detail makes a big difference, as it turns out) but now I'm cruising:

I think I'm really going to like these, but I haven't decided yet if I am going to keep them!


cauchy09 said…
oh, you must keep them! great texture.
Daintytime said…
What's the jelly bean stitch pattern? - I like it!

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