mama said there'd be days like this

Now that one kid is finally getting over his ear infection, the other came down with one last night. Another trip to urgent care, another 'scrip for antibiotics, another batch of yogurt, another beautiful day spent inside in front of the TV. As for me, I'm doing just fine except for the sleep deprivation, and even that wouldn't be so bad except that we're having major plumbing work done today so the water is off and I can't make any coffee. Let me tell you, I could really use a cup of coffee right now.

Then there's the matter of Stuart's sweater. I had the length issue taken care of, but when I sewed the sleeve caps into the armholes, it just wasn't working. There is a good inch extra sleeve cap over the top of the armhole and after much measuring and staring and head-scratching, I still can't figure out what went wrong. I even checked my row gauge, and it's spot on with the pattern. No one else on Ravelry who has made this sweater (there aren't many, maybe a dozen) has had this problem, so it must be me. I'm going to try making the armholes a little deeper to accommodate the sleeve cap, and if that doesn't fit him right I'm going to cry a little, drink a glass of wine, and give the thing to charity (after it's finished of course). Then I'll find a new pattern and start over.

I'm so mad at that sweater that I'm stepping away from it for the moment. Maybe I'll tackle the armholes later tonight, I don't know. But in the meantime, I do have one project that is going all right. Remember the lightweight pullover? I finished the main body of it yesterday (while I was stewing about Stuart's failed sweater) and tried it on:

So far, so good.


Jessi said…
Looks great!
Gorgeous color!
gay said…
really nice. i love the color and the yarn. hope the other sweater works out!

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