lousy smarch weather

Snow in April makes me cranky, yo.

It's not just snow, either. It's wind and thunder and ice pellets hammering down so hard it feels like a shotgun from the sky. What's worse, this is spring break for Daniel's preschool (yes, they have two spring breaks), and since we're not going out of town for this one, I was really hoping to spend the week having picnics and visiting the zoo and working in the garden. Obviously, that's not happening.

Last evening I was digging through the stash in the shed for some sock yarn. I am eager to have my yarn back in the warm, clean house, but at least it's been safe and dry out there. Anyway, I went out to the shed with no particular pattern or yarn in mind, just the intention to pick something out for socks. I came back with this:

Gloomy and gray, this yarn is the color of Wisconsin skies in mid-April. It's lovely yarn, though, some Dream in Color Smooshy leftover from my dad's birthday socks from a couple years back. You can see the color variations are subtle enough for a fancy stitch pattern, but I didn't want anything too complicated. Something about those shades of gray call for a pattern with texture, yet simplicity. I started flipping through pattern books and soon found just the thing: Jelly Beans Socks from 99 Yarns and Counting (though if you click on the first link you can buy the individual pattern online). The stitch pattern is so simple I don't really have to think about it, but there's a garter stitch short-row heel and ribbing on the bottom of the foot, all of which should keep things interesting.


cauchy09 said…
this has been a really fickle spring. oy. i hope you get some sun soon...
Jessi said…
Blah. Snow in April does indeed suck.

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